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Guangdong Fengyue Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as "the law firm") was established in November of 2000 with the approval of the Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice. It started running in 2001 and during that period, the Law Firm had been interrupted practice for a while as the principal got some private issues and also jointed the "China lawyers training program" which was organized by the United States Chicago Kent Law College and Shenzhen University Law School. In 2006, Upon application, Guangdong Fengyue Law Firm resumed practice by Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice approved. Since resuming practice, "enhance international competitiveness in East Guangdong, major in foreign and non-litigation business areas, focus on improving the litigation capacity of all practicing lawyers" are our development orientation. It takes the outline of 《THE FIRST FIVE-YEAR DEVELOPMENT PLAN OF GUANGDONG FENGYUE LAW FIRM》 and the outline of 《THE SECOND FIVE-YEAR DEVELOPMENT PLAN OF GUANGDONG FENGYUE LAW FIRM》 as the main line and target. Insist on system building, team building, business building and cultural construction; Provide variety of legal services through the integration of resources, complement each other, complementary advantages and a whole team. Initially formed "teamwork, standardization, professionalization, internationalization" for the development trend; Our main business pattern is "government legal adviser, village legal adviser, real estate'one-stop' legal service, company merger, foreign litigation, foreign arbitration, international investment and investment promotions.
There are 16 professional lawyers in the law firm which include 13 full-time lawyers and 3 part-time lawyers. Through the joint efforts of our colleagues, Lawyers have obtained the society and the same profession widespread recognition through nearly 20 years of ups and downs. In 2012, the law firm won one of the two "Provincial Excellent Lawyers Website" third prize in Shantou City, awarded by the Guangdong Provincial Bar Association; In 2017, the law firm was named the "2012-2016 Guangdong Province Outstanding Law Firm"; In 2017, The CPC branch of the law firm was appraised as "Advanced Party Branch"; In 2017, obtain the qualification in "Guangdong Province fixed-point law, audit, assets and other evaluation service qualification project"; In 2019, the law firm was successfully selected into Guangdong Provincial Bankruptcy Case Manager Roster; In 2020, Principal Fengkai Xie has obtained with Australian Registration Certificate as an "Australian Registered Foreign Lawyer" in New South Wales (LSID:97738) by Law Society of New South Wales.

Since the establishment of the law firm, we highly focused on standardized practice, formulate various plans, rules and regulations. Having successively formulated the Outline of 《THE FIRST FIVE-YEAR DEVELOPMENT PLAN OF GUANGDONG FENGYUE LAW FIRM (2010-2015)》, the Outline of 《THE SECOND FIVE-YEAR DEVELOPMENT PLAN OF GUANGDONG FENGYUE LAW FIRM (2015-2020)》, 《THE SYSTEM OF GIVING SHARE SHAREHOLDERS TO GUANGDONG FENGYUE LAW FIRM》, 《THE REGULATIONS ON CASE FLOW MANAGEMENT FOR GUANGDONG FENGYUE LAW FIRM》, 《THE REGULATIONS ON COMPENSATION MANAGEMENT FOR INTERNSHIP LAWYERS OF GUANGDONG FENGYUE LAW FIRM》, 《THE CODE OF CONDUCT FOR THE PERSONNEL OF GUANGDONG FENGYUE LAW FIRM》 AND 《THE MEASURES FOR THE EXCHANGE AND MANAGEMENT OF WECHAT GROUP OF GUANGDONG FENGYUE LAW FIRM》, And to steadily advance and implement one by one. At present, based on the rapid development of the Internet era, the construction of online law firm is the trend of the times, international business and international cooperation prospects are bright, the law firm online operation, telecommuting, home office has become the future trend. The law firm is actively soliciting the opinions of all the staff, accurate, thinking ahead of the "Internet era characteristics" of 《THE THIRD FIVE-YEAR DEVELOPMENT PLAN OF GUANGDONG FENGYUE LAW FIRM (2020-2025)》, as well as the improvement of the other rules and regulations.

Guangdong Fengyue Law Firm pays great attention to the cultural construction and puts forward the purpose of "democratic governance institute, rule by law" purpose. In the formulation of various rules and regulations to regulate the work of the law firm, also pay attention to the democratic rights and welfare of the staff. Through the form of equity incentive to launch the "shareholder of gifted shares", try to reform the internal stock system and corporate reform.

In recent years, Shantou economy is gradually warming up, international exchanges are increasing day by day. As a comprehensive law firm with the ability to handle foreign affairs in eastern Guangdong, the law firm, while enhancing the traditional litigation business ability of the whole staff, insists on taking non-litigation and foreign affairs as the main line of business. Among them, the business model of "resident legal adviser" is taken as an important form and carrier to open up and innovate non-litigation business and foreign-related business. For a long time, with the close team service model, as well as the "resident legal adviser" practice, which has been implemented since 2015 and has been steadily advancing in the field of corporate legal advisers and government legal advisers, the law firm have provided "regular, efficient and high quality" personal legal advisory services to various advisory units. It is worth mentioning that: the law firm through the assignment of lawyers or as regular visits to the perennial legal advisory model, Shantou real estate enterprises or real estate development projects to provide from equity transfer or company merger, to the early real estate development, mid-term sales, late property management "one-stop" legal services; According to the special requirements of the advisory unit, accept its special entrustment and provide special legal services. For the service object has obtained the pioneering, the innovation good economic effect and the social effect. More successful cases of real estate legal services are: Shenzhen listed company "shen shen house" investment in Shantou project company-Hualin Factory Development Co., Ltd. "Golden Leaf Island Villa" I, II, III and IV and phase I multi-storey project; Central Enterprise "Bank of China Group" in Shantou investment and development of "Jinyi Building" project; Guangdong Huangcheng Group development of "Shantou Manlian old city renovation project"; Guangdong Huangcheng Group "China Travel Service comprehensive acquisition project"; Shanghai customer investment and development in Naoao of "Nanao Shencheng property Co., Ltd. villa development project, Nanao Shenhai property Co., Ltd. complex project", Minmetals Group investment and development of "Shantou Jiarui property Co., Ltd. project" and so on.

In addition, the principal legal counsel and projects present and served by the law firm are: Shantou Bay Bridge Co., Ltd., Shantou Real Estate Administration of Guangzhou Military Region, Shantou Container Terminal Co., Ltd., Shantou University Journal Editor, Jinping District Government Legal Counsel, Longhu District Government Legal Counsel, Shantou Municipal Bureau of Letters and Visits "Pre-visit Law Room" Duty Lawyer Project, Shantou Municipal Bureau of Letters and Visits "Inspection Section Duty Lawyer" Project, Shantou Municipal Bureau of Letters and Visits "Pre-appeal Dispute Mediation Room" Project, Shantou City Western Ecological Permanent Legal Counsel Project, Shantou City Emergency Management Bureau Permanent Legal Counsel, Nanao County Agricultural Rural and Water Bureau legal adviser, Shantou Hepu Construction Corporation legal adviser, Shantou Chaoyang Third Construction Corporation legal adviser, Shantou City Import and Export Chamber of Commerce legal adviser, Guangdong Province East Guangdong Import and Export Chamber of Commerce legal adviser etc.

In terms of international business and cooperation, the law firm has used foreign expertise, advantages and talents to handle foreign-related cases and international business which was involving the United States, Denmark, Australia, Spain, Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The law firm also entered into a 《Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement》 with Australia Sunfield Chambers Solicitors & Associates to handle civil and commercial cases involving both places. In order to promote multi-level exchanges between the two areas, enhance Shantou international influence, promote and improve Shantou business environment.

In the past 20 years, the law firm insisted on "teamwork, standardization, professionalization, internationalization" as its target all the time, paying attention to improving the ideological and political quality and professional quality of the staff, and strictly grasping the education of lawyers' professional ethics and practice discipline. Adhere to the team spirit, focus on the establishment of perfect organizational structure and standardized management system, gradually form a "self-discipline, rigorous and serious, good service, good reputation" of high-quality lawyer team, and a "increasingly mature, gradually improved" regional international law firm.

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