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In November 2000, Guangdong Fengyue Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as "the law firm") was established with the approval of Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice. Since the establishment of the institute, according to the development orientation of the law firm, and the first and second five-year development plan outline of Guangdong Fengyue Law Firm, which began to be formulated and implemented in 2010, the law firm insists on system building, team building, business building and cultural construction. Through the integration of resources, complement each other, complement each other, and provide various legal services in the form of teams, the development trend of "standardization, teamwork, specialization and internationalization" has been initially formed, as well as the business pattern dominated by "government legal advisory business, village house legal advisory business, real estate "one-stop" legal services, company merger business, foreign litigation business, foreign arbitration business, overseas investment business, investment promotions business, exhibition business ".

There are 18 practice lawyers in the law firm, including 15 full-time lawyers and 3 part-time lawyers. Through the joint efforts of all colleagues, the law firm has gone through nearly 20 years of development process, has been widely recognized by the community and the same industry. In 2012, the law firm won the third prize of "EXCELLENT LAW FIRM WEBSITE OF THE WHOLE PROVINCE" issued by the Guangdong Provincial Bar Association, with one of the two law firms in Shantou, and in 2017, the law firm was named "EXCELLENT LAW FIRM OF GUANGDONG PROVINCE IN 2012-2016", which is also one of the two law firms in Shantou. In the same year, the CPC Party branch of the law firm was appraised as the "ADVANCED PARTY BRANCH"; and it was qualified to enter in the" designated legal, audit, asset and other evaluation service qualification items in Guangdong Province "; in 2019, the law firm was successfully selected as the 《REGISTER OF ADMINISTRATORS OF BANKRUPTCY CASES IN GUANGDONG PROVINCE》 and became the bankruptcy administrator organization in the new registeration.

Since the establishment of the Institute, the law firm has actively formulated development plans, successively formulated the 《Guangdong Fengyue Law Firm's first five-year development plan outline (2010-2015)》 , 《Guangdong Fengyue Law firm's second five-year development plan outline (2015-2020)》 and steadily implemented it item by item. Currently, based on the sudden changes in the Internet World, the construction of online lawyers, international business and international cooperation come unexpectedlly, telecommuting, work from home has become the trend of the future, the law firm is actively seeking the suggestion of all the staff of the institute and carrying out the formulation of the third five-year plan outline with precision and advanced thinking.

Guangdong Fengyue Law Firm pays great attention to the construction of the law firm system and culture, and puts forward the aim of "democratic administration and legal administration ". The establishment of rules and regulations governing the work and conduct of the staff of the Institute should be accompanied by a focus on the democratic rights of the staff of the Institute. Through the form of equity incentive to introduce "shareholder of gifted shares system", try to carry out internal stock system reform and corporate restructuring.

In recent years, the economy of Shantou has gradually recovered and international exchanges have increased. As a comprehensive law firm with the ability to handle foreign affairs in eastern Guangdong province, the law firm insists on taking non-litigation and foreign affairs as the leading business development. Among them, the "resident legal adviser assignment business" model as an important carrier to explore and innovate non-litigation business, foreign-related business. For a long time, with the united team service model, and the practice of "resident legal adviser ", which has been implemented since 2015 and has been steadily advancing in the field of corporate and government consultants, the law firm has provided "regular, efficient and high quality" legal advisory services to various advisory units. It is worth mentioning the business areas: law firm through the assignment of lawyers or as regular visits to the perennial legal advisory model, for Shantou real estate enterprises or real estate development projects to provide from equity transfer or merger, to pre-real estate development, mid-term sales, late property management of the "one-stop" legal services; the law firm according to the special needs of advisory units, accept their special entrustment, to provide special legal services. This has achieved pioneering and innovative good economic and social effects for the service object. More successful cases of real estate legal service from the law firm are: Shenzhen listed company "Shen Shen House" investment in Shantou project company; Hualin factory development Co., Ltd.'s "Golden Leaf Island Villa" phase I, II, III, IV projects and phase I multi-storey projects; Central Enterprise's "Bank of China Group" investment and development in Shantou "Jinyi Building" project; Guangdong Huangcheng Group development of Shantou Lian old city renovation project; Shanghai customer investment and development of Nanao Shencheng Property Co., Ltd. villa development project, Nanao Shenhai property Co., Ltd. complex project, Minmetals Group investment and development of Shantou Jiarui Property Co., Ltd project.

Besides, The principal legal counsels and projects of the law firm are: Shantou Bay Bridge Co., Ltd., Shantou Real Estate Administration Bureau of Guangzhou Military Region, Shantou Container Terminal Co., Ltd., Shantou University Journal Editing Department, Jinping District Government Legal Counsel, Longhu District Government Legal Counsel, Shantou Municipal Bureau of Letters and Visits "pre-visit legal studio" on duty lawyer project, Shantou Municipal Bureau of Letters and visitors "supervision section on duty lawyer" project, Shantou Municipal Bureau of Letters and visitors "pre-litigation dispute mediation room" project, Shantou City West Ecological New City resident legal adviser project, Shantou Emergency Management Bureau resident legal adviser, Nanao County Bureau of Agriculture legal adviser, Shantou Hepu Construction Corporation, Shantou Chaoyang Third Construction Corporation, Shantou Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, Guangdong East Guangdong Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, etc.

In the field of international business and cooperation, the law firm has used foreign expertise, advantages and talents to handle foreign-related cases and international business involving the United States, Denmark, Australia, Spain, Japan, India, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong. At present, the law firm is working in depth with Sydney Sunfield Chambers Solicitors & Associates of Australia, in order to promote private exchanges between the two places, enhance Shantou's international influence and improve Shantou's business environment.

In the course of nearly 20 years' development, the law firm has always focused on improving the ideological and political quality and professional quality of all its personnel, strictly grasping the education of lawyers' professional ethics and practice discipline, insisting on carrying forward the team spirit, focusing on the establishment of a perfect organization and standardized management system, and gradually forming a high-quality group of lawyers with high self-discipline, scientific operation, excellent business and good reputation.

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